LGV theory test: preparation

There are two parts to the driving test for a large goods vehicle (LGV): a theory test and a practical test. You must pass the theory test before you can take the practical test.

The theory test has two parts: a multiple choice part and hazard perception test. You don’t have to take both parts of the test on the same day but you must take them within two years of each other to get your theory test certificate.

The test is a really important part of learning to drive an LGV because when you get to your practical test you’ll need to show that you can use what you learn for this test when you’re driving on the road. It also forms Module 1 of your initial Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC)

See GOV.UK for a guide to the theory test.

It’s vital to prepare for your theory test; it may be a while since you last refreshed your knowledge of the rules of the road. The better prepared you are, the more likely you are to pass first time, which will save you the time and money that retaking the test will cost.

Here’s where Turning Point LGV Driver Training can help you pass your theory exams 1st time.

In a partnership with Driving Theory 4 All we can set you up with log-on details where you can learn and practice your exams at your own rate.

Here are the key benefits of for using our online package:

Always up-to-date

Test yourself with the latest DVSA LGV practice multiple choice questions and hazard perception test videos. No books or CDs needed, and no software to download. Just login and learn.

The smart choice

Say “yes” to intelligent online LGV theory software that personalises your learning and lets you take full control. You can make notes, gain feedback, add questions for later review, plus much more.

Easy-to-follow learning

Learn about the LGV driving theory topics through our easy-to-follow picture based learning lessons. This is a great place to start your learning and refer back to for further understanding.

Unlimited LGV tests

Get ready to take as many LGV practice tests as you need to pass. Our LGV mock theory tests are just like the real test. They’re timed and marked out of 100. This ensures there’s no surprises on the day of your test.

LGV companion apps

Our customers can use the Driving Theory 4 All LGV theory test companion apps for free. This includes the practice questions and hazard perception videos. And if you didn’t know, these apps can be used offline (without Internet).