The 9 steps to obtaining your Cat C (Class 2) LGV licence














For help and advice call us on - 01224 874894 or 07701082294

Step 1. Book Course

You can enquire online, or if you need to have a chat with our LGV Training Advisor, you can call us on 01224 874894 or 07701082294

Step 2. Training Pack

We'll send you out an LGV Training Pack, which you'll get the very next day. This contains everything you need to get started!

Step 3. Medical Test

When your LGV Training pack is with you, step number one is the LGV medical. Don't worry - it's just a 5 minute health check

Step 4. Fill in Forms

When your LGV medical is done, send away the forms for your provisional licence with your current licence.

Step 5. Revision

Remember, keep revising for your LGV theory test at home throughout this process using our online learning and practice portal.

Step 6. Theory Test

Your theory test consists of two parts, but don't worry, every question is covered by our comprehensive online revision material.

Step 7. Training Date

When you have passed the theory test, give a quick call to your Training Advisor and they will confirm your training dates.

Step 8. Practical Test

When you've passed your LGV practical test, we'll book your CPC Module 4 test (if applicable)

Step 9. New Career

That's it! You're done!